Miche Vintage Collection – Spring 2012

Introducing the Miche Spring Vintage Collection!

Now through May 31, 2012, when you purchase $50 in Miche products via our online store, you will be eligible to order from a fantastic collection of “vintage” retired shells!  Choose from Ellie Red, Alina, Barbara, Stacy Brown, Natalie and Sidney Blue for the Classic Bag or Lacy, Erin, Robin, Abbie, Laney or Mary for the Prima Bag.  These shells are available at a special rate of up to 50% off of regular prices, while supplies last!  Contact us for photos, details and pricing!

To order any of the vintage shells simply place an order of $50 in Miche products (excluding shipping and sales tax).  Then, contact us directly at 419-874-3334 to order your promotional shells.  There are no limits, no codes and no special websites to visit.  Once we verify your $50 order, we will get your vintage shells to you ASAP.

Miche Updates – Oct. 20, 2011

This week, we got in the new Miche Hope Purse Charms, which are really cute.  The photo doesn’t do it much justice, but the beads are various shades of pink, fuchsia, red, black and gray.  The last Hope purse charm sold out quickly, so if you want one I would get it soon.  You can stop in or call us at 419-874-3334 to order during normal store hours (Tues-Thurs 12-8pm, Fri-Sat 12-5pm EST).

We would like to thank everyone who took advantage of our Miche Customer Appreciation Sale!  Unfortunately that sale has wrapped up, however we just updated the online catalogs to reflect the shells that are still 1/2 price, as well as the addition of a few favorites that haven’t been around for a while, including Annie, Vivian Cream, Vivian Mustard, Cheryl, Mary, Lacy and more.  A few of the Petite shells have also been reduced to half price.  You can see everything over on the main website.


Save big on Miche during our Customer Appreciation Sale!

Our Customer Appreciation Sale is back and better than ever!!  Save 40-60% on a huge selection of Miche shells for the Classic, Mini/Petite, and Big/Prima bags!  These shells are available in limited quantities for a limited time.  Email us today for a price list or give us a call at 419-874-3334 to place your order.

Shells included in the sale are:

Classic Shells (40-60% off)

  • Belle: deep purple faux leather with full ends, black accents and decorative zippers.
  • Cameron: lime green faux leather
  • Chloe: golden yellow faux leather
  • Christinne: golden brown faux leather with silver buckles
  • Darla: dark green faux leather with tan accents and silver studs/buckles
  • Ellie Brown: brown and black faux croc with a silver buckle
  • Erica: pleated army green faux leather
  • Hope Silver: silver faux leather with words of encouragement in white and pink and a small pink ribbon.
  • Jayne:  tan, lime green, orange, yellow and purple colorblock faux leather
  • Lydia Coral: coral corduroy with full sides and two small front pockets
  • Lynn: cream faux croc with black accents and a floral print center panel
  • Mindi: smoky aqua faux leather
  • Naomi: tan faux leather with tan and black print fabric panels
  • Noel:  deep red faux leather with silver metal snowflakes and an over-the-top closure
  • Stefanie: camouflage fabric with dark brown faux ostrich accents
  • Vivian Cream: pleated cream faux leather with an over-the-top closure with silver buckle
Mini/Petite Shells (40% off)
  • Dora: lime green and black plaid faux leather
  • Kandi: copper faux ostrich
  • Lulu: black and white floral print faux leather
  • Mandi: gold textured faux leather
  • Noel: deep red faux leather with a silver metal snowflake
  • Randi: silver textured faux leather
Big/Prima Shells (40-45% off)
  • Abbie: black textured faux leather with floral print fabric accent and yellow piping
  • Brianna: tan, lime green, orange, yellow and purple color-block faux leather
  • Deanna: dark green snakeskin fabric
  • Delilah: lime green and black plaid faux leather “diaper bag” shell.  Lots of pockets & includes matching changing pad.
  • Erin: embossed sage green faux leather with a metallic patina and cream and black accents
  • Grace: dark orange floral print fabric with golden yellow faux leather accents.
  • Hope Black: black faux leather shell with words of encouragement in white and a small pink ribbon.
  • Hope Silver: silver faux leather shell with words of encouragement in white and pink and a small pink ribbon.
    Iris: two-tone silver faux leather
  • Jennifer: copper faux python with dark brown accents.
  • Kali: bright turquoise faux leather
  • Laney: mauve faux leather with black accents and an over-the-top closure
  • Lucy: black and white floral print faux leather “diaper bag” shell.  Lots of pockets & includes matching changing pad.
  • Phoebe: maroon fabric with a bronze animal print pattern and bronze accents.
  • Robin: white, pale yellow, black and blue plaid faux leather with black accents.
  • Wendi: embossed taupe faux leather with cream accents.

Newly Retired Miche Shells

Miche has just announced the retirement of quite about 20 shells.  Visit our main website ( to check out the recently revised catalogs for the Classic Miche, Big Miche and Mini Miche, as well as Miche Accessories to see what’s on its way out for good.

Miche has also changed how things are working a bit.  All new shells are being produced in a fixed quantity, and when they are gone, they’re gone.  This means that several of the newer shells are already down to extremely limited quantities or sold out completely, including Brynn, Macie, Hope White and more!  This also means that if you see a new shell that you like, there are no guarantees of how long they are going to be around.

Remember to always check the Retired Miche List here on the blog for the most up-to-date availability of retired shells.  They are starting to go fast!

And always, if you have any questions about pricing or order, send us an e-mail at or call 419-874-3334.  Miche doesn’t allow us to post prices online, but we’d be more than happy to send you a price list.


Holly, Green Ellie and Pink Allie Miche Shells are in-stock!!

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Wow!  We never thought this would happen!  Miche must have cleaned out their warehouse and found some long-retired, very popular shells that we haven’t seen in ages.  We were able to get our hands on about a dozen of each for our customers.  Holly is the 2008 holiday shell.  It’s a tan heavy-weave fabric with cream holly leaves and glittery gold accents.  Green Ellie is a lime green faux croc with a silver buckle.  It was one of our most-popular shells and is still one of the most-requested.  Pink Allie has actually been retired since before we started carrying Miche Bags over 2 years ago!  It is a hot pink faux croc with a large bow.  All three are standard shells.

Contact us today for pricing and ordering info by calling 419-874-3334 or e-mailing  I don’t expect them to hang around for long.  To make sure that everyone has a chance to get one, we are limiting purchases of these shells to one per person.

More Miche Shells added to 1/2 price sale!

On December 1, 2010, Miche retired a few more Big Bag Shells and added even more Big and Classic Bag Shells to the 1/2 price sale.  The following retired shells are now 1/2 price until supplies are gone!  To check current availability, check out our Retired Shells page.  It has a complete listing of all of the retired Miche shells and their availability.  Photos of all of the shells are available on our main website at  Get yours now before they are gone forever!

There are currently almost 30 Classic Miche shells that are available for 1/2 Price:

  • Annie (Premium): black faux leather with gray accents.
  • Barbara (Standard): metallic turquoise faux leather.
  • Brittany (Premium): dark gray and black faux leather with zippers.
  • Brooklyn Black (Standard): Light blue fabric with black polka dots and black faux leather accents.
  • Brooklyn Brown (Standard): Light blue fabric with brown polka dots and brown faux leather accents.
  • Christinne (Standard): brown with two buckles.
  • Black Ellie (Standard): black alligator with a silver buckle.
  • Red Ellie (Standard): red alligator with a silver buckle
  • Jackie (Standard): black and white damask print fabric with white faux leather accents.
  • Lydia Tan (Standard): tan corduroy with two front pockets.
  • Maya (Standard): cream fabric with red, orange, yellow, green and light blue polka dots.
  • Melissa (Standard): black faux leather with patent accents.
  • Mindi (Standard): smoky aqua faux leather.
  • Miralee (Standard): tan with brown and turquoise damask print.
  • Natalie (Standard): purple faux leather with teal trim.
  • Roxanne (Standard): dark brown tweed with dark brown faux leather accents.
  • Sheila Orange (Standard): orange pleated patent faux leather.
  • Sheila Yellow (Standard): bright yellow pleated patent faux leather.
  • Sidney Navy (Premium): navy faux leather with cream and gray stripes down center.
  • Stacey Brown (Premium): taupe faux leather shell with full sides.
  • Susan (Standard): brown and copper faux croc.
  • Blue Vivian (Standard): metallic blue pleated faux leather with over-the-top closure.
  • Mustard Vivian (Standard): mustard yellow pleated faux leather with over-the-top closure.
  • Blue Zoe (Standard): zebra faux leather with turquoise buckles and silver studs.
  • Green Zoe (Standard): zebra faux leather with green buckles and silver studs.
  • Pink Zoe (Standard): zebra faux leather with pink buckles and silver studs.
  • Yellow Zoe (Standard): zebra faux leather with yellow buckles and silver studs.

There are also 14 Big Bag shells included in the 1/2 Price sale.  They are:

  • Abbie(Standard): Black textured faux leather with white, yellow, purple and blue floral fabric accents, yellow piping and an over-the-top closure.
  • Allie(Premium): metallic yellow faux leather with embossed floral designs and black accents.
  • Cheryl(Premium): cordovan (deep reddish-brown) faux leather.
  • Danielle(Premium): deep coral floral tapestry with cream accents and cream faux leather base.
  • Deanna(Standard): mossy green snake skin fabric with black accents.
  • Erin(Premium): green/copper patina faux leather with cream and black accents.
  • Grace(Standard): salmon floral print fabric with dark gold faux leather accents.
  • Hillary(Standard): camel faux leather.
  • Julia(Premium): deep purple and black faux leather.
  • Lacy(Standard): cream faux ostrich leather with black accents.
  • Laney(Premium): mauve faux leather with black piping and over-the-top closure.
  • Mary(Standard): dark teal faux leather with black accents.
  • Robin(Premium): white, pale yellow, blue and black plaid with black accents.
  • Wendi(Premium): taupe faux leather with stamped pattern and cream accents.

As always, if you have any questions or would like pricing or ordering information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  You can reach us via e-mail or by phone at (419) 874-3334.  Our regular store hours are Tues-Thurs 12-8pm and Fri-Sat 12-5pm EST.

23 Newly-Retired Miche Shells!

This week, Miche retired a total of 23 shells for the Classic Miche, Big Bag and Mini Miche!  It’s your last chance to get some of the most popular shells.  Newly-retired for the classic bag are Red Ellie, Black Ellie, Brown Ellie, Taylor, Barbara, Tan Lydia, Brown Stacey, Belle, Red Sidney, Navy Sidney, Natalie, Sabrina and Mindi.  For the Big Bag, Erin, Laney, Danielle, Robin, Wendy, Abbie and Grace have all been retired.  Three shells have also been retired for the Mini Miche: Averie, Kayla and Sierra.

Visit the Retired Shells page here on our blog for a complete listing of retired shells and their availability.  You can see photos of all of the available retired shells on our website at

Our Semi-Annual Miche Sale has been extended through Saturday, November 6, 2010.  It’s the perfect time to save on these shells before they are gone for good!  Save 25% on ALL regularly-priced Classic Miche base bags and shells.  Save 20% on ALL regularly-priced base bags and shells for both the Big Bag and Mini Miche.  Also save 20% on ALL Miche accessories, including organizers, handles, purse charms and more.  Contact us for details!