New February Miche Shells – Hayley, Tori and Laney

The new February Miche shells were announced today.   First, meet Hayley and Tori for the classic bag.  Hayley is a dark silver shell with side pockets.  It looks like a match to the Oakley shell for the big bag, which is one of our best-sellers!  I expect Hayley to be very popular as well.  Tori is a hot pink flannel shell with black faux leather accents.  Both of this month’s shells are the slouchy style with sides, and both are premium shells.

New this month for the big bag is Laney.  It’s a raspberry pink shell with black accents.  We’ve seen this one in person already, and it’s really cute!

Contact us today for pricing information or to order yours by e-mailing or calling 419-874-3334.

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