Retired Bonnie Miche Shell is Available!!

This post is out-of-date.  The current retired shell list can be found by clicking Retired Miche at the top of the page.


Wow!  Miche must have found a few shells in their warehouse, and we were able to get an extremely limited number of Bonnie shells!  This Miche shell has been retired for over a year, and is one that we get the most requests for.  Stop paying huge prices for shells on eBay.  Ours will be available at the same low price as the rest of our shells.  And in case  you missed the other post, we also were able to get a limited quantity of Pink Kimberly, Izzy, Lizzy and Laura retired shells, as well.

Just a quick update…the Bonnie shells are completely sold out.  We never know what will show up in the future though.  Keep an eye on the blog, or visit our website at to sign up for our monthly e-mail newsletter.  We’ll keep you posted on all of the new (and retired shells) that come into stock.

8 thoughts on “Retired Bonnie Miche Shell is Available!!

  1. I am very interested in purchasing the Bonnie shell. I am also interested in some of the other shell on the retired list. Please send me the price list at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you,


  2. Hello! I am VERY nterested in Bonnie. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Also looking for PURPLE CASSIDY. Please contact me. thanks, Carrie

    • Hi Carrie, like it says in the post the few Bonnie shells that we were able to get last fall are gone. We had gotten a case of them and they sold out in about 2 weeks. Bonnie has been retired for about 2 years, so I wouldn’t anticipate us getting anymore. The new Tori is a cute hot pink plaid though. As far as I know, the purple Cassidy shell was only available in Canada. It has never been made available here, just the white.

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