Get these retired Miche shells before they’re gone!!

This post is out-of-date.  The current retired shell list can be found by clicking Retired Miche at the top of the page.

Recently, Miche has retired many of the old shells to make room for all of the new designs.  We have EXTREMELY limited quantities of many of the retired shells.  Contact us to get yours today, as once they’re gone, they are gone for good!

  • Green Allie – light green faux alligator
  • Amy – cream and dark brown canvas with horizontal stripes
  • Red Audrey – gathered red faux leather with buckle accent’
  • Bayleigh – white faux leather with black and silver embroidered flower accent
  • Black Brooklyn – light blue fabric with black polka dots, black faux leather trim
  • Camille – hot pink faux ostrich
  • Christinne – light brown faux leather with two buckle accents
  • Black Cori – black faux alligator
  • Green Ellie – light green faux alligator with buckle accent
  • Emma – cream faux leather with bow accents
  • Geri – white and navy blue vertical stripes with an outside pocket
  • Jessica – black faux leather with black and white houndstooth panel
  • Kelsey – brown and light pink faux leather triangles
  • Brown Kimberly – plain brown faux leather
  • Lauren – canvas with cream, blue, brown, and black stripes
  • Lindsey – canvas with cream, pink, brown, black and light blue stripes
  • Lizzy – teal, black, taupe, light blue, and purple geometric/polka dot pattern with black bow accent
  • Maya – cream fabric with red, yellow, orange and green polka dots
  • Mia – cream fabric with black, brown, tan, and gray polka dots
  • Red Rachel – plain dark red faux leather
  • Shani – black and white zebra print canvas
  • Cranberry Tiffany – cranberry geometric print fabric with outside pocket

88 thoughts on “Get these retired Miche shells before they’re gone!!

    • Hi Susan,
      Shani is regularly $22.95, so at 25% off the price would be $17.21 plus shipping. We ship at cost, so that just depends if you want to ship via regular or priority mail. I’ll send an updated price sheet to your e-mail address in case there is anything else you’d like to order. Thanks!

  1. Hi,
    I would like to order some of the retired shells. How much are they? What are the shipping charges? Are all the ones pictured still available? Thanks for your time.

  2. I jumped the gun and bought it on eBay today! I’m so new to the miche phenomenon. I’m sure I spent more than I would have had I waited. Lesson learned, if I want a retired shell I’ll check with you first! However I would love to see a current price list for all of your shells current and retired. Look forward to your email and thanks again for your website I love it!!! -Val

  3. Oh no!! Yeah, don’t do eBay! One of our other customers told me she spent more than $400 on 6 Miche shells that we carry at our regular prices! And check my recent posts, we just got some Pink Kimberly, Lizzy, Izzy, Laura and Bonnie!

    I finally finished updating everything (website, blog, Facebook, e-mail newsletter, etc.) today, so your price list is on it’s way 🙂

  4. Could you please email me a list of prices on retired and new? What is an estimate of shipping & handling to Washington State?

    • Will do! Whether they are retired or not, all of our shells are the same low prices. We generally ship via US Priority Mail with delivery confirmation and insurance. It’s $5 for up to 2 shells, or $10 for up to 6.

  5. HI, I would like the cori and I dont know the other one name it is like croc. skin in cooper. please send price list and what you have also I want chain handles and orgaizer for inside purse

    • I’ll send you a price list in a couple of minutes. Which color Cori were you looking for? We have it in black, pink, silver, and red (I think…we’re actually on vacation this week, but at last inventory we had 3 red). The copper croc shell is Susan, which we also have.

  6. I am interested in the Shani and Mia if still available also I would like to get a price list of the current and retired handbags.

    • I’ll send you a price list ASAP. After our sale this weekend, I’m currently working on an updated list of what retired shells are available. It should be up on the blog in the next couple of days.

    • A new retired shell list should be up by Tues. evening. We had a big sale last weekend, and I’m working on inventory… I e-mailed you a price list a few seconds ago. If you need anything else, just let me know. Thanks!

  7. Please send me your price list. I’m interested in purchasing retired shells. Also, do you if the large bag is a new base or is it just a larger shell for the original bag?

    • I’ll send you a price list right away. The big bag is a completely different bag. It’s actually about 15″x18″. There are tons of pockets inside, and all of the shells have pockets on the outside. Right now, there are 9 shells for it. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  8. I was wondering if you could send me the prices for the Amy, Lauren, and the Lindsey shell. I’m interested in placing an order. Thanks!

    • I know that we have Izzy and Kate. We have one Emma and there may be a Lizzy left. I was at a bridal show today, and wasn’t at the store. Green Ellie is gone. We’ve had quite the rush on retired shells in the last week. I’m going to try and update the retired list this weekend! If you have any other questions, just let me know.

  9. Could you please send a price list for the retire shells you have n stock? I am interested in a few but wish to see the price.

  10. Are there any Emmas still available? I think I’m going to end up ordering about 6 shells from you instead of 2, lol! Wow, what a FANTASTIC find (I stumbled on you thru Google, of all places!).

    • No, Emma sold out around the holidays. As far as off-white shells go though, the new cream Vivian shells are really nice. There’s also Hannah, but personally I like the Vivians better. I’m glad you like the blog. Make sure to check out our regular website ( as well, and you can sign up for our monthly e-mail newsletter.

  11. I would like the updated price list and information on how to order. I am interested in some of the shells that you have here.


  12. Could you please forward me the latest availability and price lists for retired Miche shells? Loving the Emma bag and gotta have it. 🙂 Thanks.

  13. hi i was interested in the amy, cori, lauren and shani if u could please send me a list of whats available and pricing please.. thank you.

  14. I would like to no if it,s possible to get the retired green ellie
    with buckle and hot pink camille
    also would please tell me how much there cost.
    I hope the fact that I live in Wembly Alberta, Canada won’t matter.

    Thank You

  15. I am interested in buying Amy, Mia, and Lizzy but I need prices and shipping for each. I love these shells and have been looking for them.

  16. whated to know how much your shells are and if you have any lauren ,lidsay,green elle, lizzie kelsie kimberly and jessica

    • OOPs! sorry can’t spell the shell I have has pictures of models with some magazines on it I was wondering if you knew the name of it?

      • That one is Marilyn. That’s a really old one that I’ve only ever seen photos of, and we’ve had Miche in the store for over two years. I have always wanted one of those myself! Hang on to that one!

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